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2016 Eye Protection Range - Made in Italy - Men | Women | Youth | Pool & Open Water

The Kaiman Exo is the evolution of Aqua Sphere’s best selling goggle, the Kaiman.
No doubt there will always those who swear that Swedish goggles are the only  way to go, but for most of us, those little suckers hurt!
Aqua Sphere have an amazing range of premium goggles for use in
– Open water swimming
– Pool Swimming
– Mens & Ladies specific models
– Prescription lenses fitted
The Aqua Sphere Kayenne Range is supported by decorated Olympian Amanda Beard!
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2016 - The Michael Phelps Range

Aqua Sphere have teamed up with the World’s most decorated swimmer and his Hall of Fame Coach!

Michael Phelps and Bob Bowman are now part of the team and have created a new swimwear range using their wealth of experience in the sport.The new partnership has the shared vision to grow the sport of swimming and aid people in living healthy lives.

The development of products is based on an unwavering mindset that even more can be done for swimmers of all ages and levels to improve their skills and help make them feel more comfortable in the water. Aqua Sphere will be developing products that reinforce this vision.

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The brand new MP range from Aqua Sphere

Why Aqua Sphere Is Our Triathlon Product of Choice

Boost Your Swimming Potential

Aqua Sphere triathlon wetsuit
Aqua Sphere wetsuit’s allow even the most accomplished of swimmers to better thier performance in the water.
Goggles allow for clear vision while you swim, meaning you can completely focus on what is in front of you. Renowned ranges such as K180 have a natural water tight fit and special features which increase hydro dynamics while you perform.
Triathlon wetsuits have integrated components which allow for performance enhancing traits such as flexibility, increased fore arm stroke traction and core body warmth. Choose from long sleeved and sleeveless models for personal preference.
Compression wear comes in the form of the Tri-Suit and allows for an increased circulation around the muscles, increasing power while you perform.
Famous endorsers of Aqua Sphere products include 4 time Olympian Amanda Beard and Iron Man Winner Terenzo Bozonne.