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Our Running Accessories range includes a variety of useful products to aid you with your performance. Choose from a selection of arm warmers, shoe gaiters and visibility vests.
The Gore Running Wear Arm Warmers we offer help to maintain circulation and maintain heat on days when the temperature may be lower than normal. Soft Shell and selected Gore Fabrics maintain breathability meaning you won’t get sweaty or uncomfortable.
Shoe gaiters help to protect your feet from any hazards which may be present while you run. We offer a WindStopper product for trail runners, with integrated straps for added stability and comfort.
Here at TG Store we have a helpful customer care team who would be more than happy to assist you with your running accessory choice.

Accessories:  Spring/Summer

View MAGNITUDE Arm Warmers
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Gore Running Wear


£14.99 SAVE 40%

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Extra protection: they protect against the cold on cool days or the sun on warm days. They can be put on or taken off while running and guarantee great moisture management.
View X-Run Ultra Sun Sleeves
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Gore Running Wear

X-Run Ultra Sun Sleeves

£20.99 SAVE 40%

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Cool and venting UV-protection all day long. These sun sleeves effectively protect against UV-rays in a range of terrains, as well as on long summer runs.
View ESSENTIAL Arm Warmers
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£21.24 SAVE 15%

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Non-slip bands on the upper arm ensure a perfect fit and don‘t slip down. The flat seams provide greater comfort, even in changing weather conditions.

Accessories:  Autumn/Winter

View X-Running SO Arm Warmers

Gore Running Wear

X-Running SO Arm Warmers

£23.99 SAVE 40%

Windstopper Windstopper
The GORE RUNNINGWEAR arm warmers are perfect the endurance athlete that can be out for long hours in different weather conditions, these provide warmth, are water resistant and completely windproof using the Windstopper Softshell material.
View X-RUNNING Shoe Gaiter

Gore Running Wear

X-RUNNING Shoe Gaiter

£29.99 SAVE 25%

Windstopper Windstopper
Whilst trail running, the GORE Running Wear gaiters, provide lower leg protection from all the potential hazards whilst out running.