Gore Selected Fabrics

Highly technical fabrics equal performance you can count on. That’s why GORE BIKE WEAR™ & GORE RUNNING WEAR™ use more than 15 different types of materials in our collection, all of which are specially selected and tested by GORE BIKE WEAR™ & GORE RUNNING WEAR™.
This wide-ranging selection allows the creation of technical clothing designed for optimum performance and maximum comfort.
All selected fabrics can be combined with GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® products to create perfect solutions and optimise their highly functional characteristics. Gore’s stringent selection criteria and inspections guarantee maximum quality and performance of each finished product and its individual components.
Comfort and functionality are significantly improved through the targeted selection of technical fabrics, which offer these following benefits: compression, thermoregulation, moisture management, and cooling and venting.
Paclite technology from Gore


Improved performance through compression
Compression fabrics improve the fit of the garment without limiting freedom of movement. The fabrics exert pinpointed pressure on certain parts of the body, thus accelerating blood circulation. When the body is subjected to physical exertion, faster blood circulation increases oxygen supply. This translates into improved performance during cardiovascular exercise and shorter recovery times for muscles.

Thermo Regulation

Constant temperature – steady performance
Body temperature plays an important role in athletic performance. If the body cools down, the muscles do not receive a sufficient blood supply. As a result, accidents and deterioration in performance can occur. The materials used for temperature control are highly wicking on the inside, offer ideal insulation and are extremely soft to the touch. Rapid escape of perspiration prevents the body from cooling down due to evaporation and the fabric from sticking to the skin. In this way, you can keep your body warmer and drier.

Moisture Management

Moisture management guarantees constant performance
Physical exertion gives rise to the production of moisture, which must be rapidly transferred to the outside as moisture cools the body and causes discomfort.
The mechanical push-pull effect, which is generated by combining an internal hydrophobic fibre with an external hydrophilic fibre, rapidly eliminates perspiration from the skin through the fabric. Rather than evaporating on the body, moisture evaporates on the external layer of the fabric. In this way, cooling due to evaporation is prevented and the fabric does not stick to the skin, thus improving performance.

Cooling and Venting

Body temperature management
The body gives its best performance at a temperature of around 37° C. Microfiber is essential for balanced temperature management, as it keeps the temperature constant. Products made of microfiber are more breathable than the best natural fibres and have excellent thermoregulation qualities, which suit their final use perfectly. Microfiber’s high level of stretchability and rapid drying qualities guaranty garments with a perfect cut and excellent wearability. Microfiber is also very resilient, durable and easy to care for.