Understanding Gore Apparel and TG Store Icons:

GORE-TEX® fabrics are created by laminating the GORE-TEX® membrane to high-performance textiles, then sealing them with an innovative solution for 100% waterproof protection.

WINDSTOPPER® fabrics offer soft, lightweight weather protection in one versatile and durable garment, that will keep you comfortable across a wide range of conditions and activities.

Gore Selected Fabrics use more than 15 different types of technical fabrics to provide performance you can count on, designed for optimum performance and maximum comfort.

Gore Paclite Icon

GORE-TEX® - Paclite

An ideal companion – Perfect for hiking, cycling, running and any other sport when weight and space are critical. GORE-TEX® PACLITE® SHELL combines extreme breathability and durable wind- and waterproofness with minimum weight and pack volume.
Gore Performance Shell

GORE-TEX® - Performance Shell

One garment, many activities – Whether you’re skiing, cycling, mountaineering, in-line skating or just walking, you can change the sport but you never need to change your garment with GORE-TEX® Performance Shell.

GORE-TEX® - Performance Shell with Comfort Mapping Technology

Improves your comfort through intelligent garment design.
Gore Performance Shell

GORE-TEX® - Performance Shell with AIRVANTAGE Insulation Technology

Control your comfort using a patented adjustable insulation system.

GORE-TEX® - Paclite with Stretch Technology

Ensures optimum performance of the garment that stretches with your body to provide ultimate comfort.
Windstopper Active Shell

WINDSTOPPER® - Active Shell Fabric

The lightest, most packable garments offering total windproof-ness, maximum breathability and water resistance.
Windstopper Soft Shell

WINDSTOPPER® - Soft Shell Fabric

Total windproofness and maximum breathability, combining the comfort of a soft mid-layer and the water resistance.
Gore Selected Fabrics

Gore Selected Fabrics

Highly technical fabrics equal performance you can count on. That’s why Gore use more than 15 different types of materials in the collections.
Next-2-Skin Icon

Windstopper - Next 2 Skin - 1 Layer Garments

Simply a one layer system, designed to be lightweight and functional allowing for maximum breathability, with out the need for a base layer.

Comfort Fit

Garments designed for comfort and quality.

Slim Fit

Garments designed to fit close to the body whilst allowing for maximum movement.

Tight Fit

Garments designed for Performance activities, tight fitting garments.
Aqua Sphere Core Power System

Core Power System

Specially designed internal support system which improves posture, enhances hip rotation and lengthens stroke.
Aqua Sphere Bio Stretch Zone

Bio-Stretch Zone

Strategically inserted 1mm stretch zone which provides full freedom of movement and immense versatility.
Aqua Sphere Power Zone Fore Arm Panels

Power-Zone Inserts

Expertly constructed forearm panels which increase traction during the pull phase of your stroke.
Aqua Sphere Triathlon Wear


This product is designed for triathletes.
Aqua Sphere Wetsuit material

Yamamoto material

Super-Stretch CSC coated material from Yamamoto.
The unique patented SCS material has been developed specifically for top-flight international athletic competitions and features a specially processed coating applied over closed-cell neoprene rubber.