Women's Cycling

Focus is the key to getting the most from your cycling performance, and it’s important that nothing stands in the way of you achieving your goal. However, uncomfortable women’s cycling clothing can make a ride all the more laborious, so it’s important you opt for light and comfortable female cycling clothing.

Women’s Cycling Jackets

The women’s cycling jackets that we provide offer ventilation and lightweight comfort. 
The collection we have covers all four seasons, from Spring to Winter and everything in between, regardless of whether you compete or cycle occasionally we will have a bike jacket for you.
Choose from garments made from Gore Bike Wear jackets made from Gore-Tex, WindStopper and selected fabrics – Each offer their own unique advantages and features.

Women’s Cycling Jerseys and Vests

Whether you need a lightweigt summer garment, or a thermal layering piece for the Winter, our range of women’s cycling jerseys and vests cover you all year round.
We offer windproof cycling jerseys and vests are constructed to give you full protection from the elements, while other garments are made from complex fabric mixes which offer breathability while you ride.
While many of our jerseys and vests are available in stand-out colours to keep you noticed, some riders may prefer more fashionable colours and feminine designs; We also offer these in our extensive range!

Women’s Cycling Baselayers

The women’s Gore Bike Wear base layers we offer come in long-sleeved, short-sleeved and vest forms. 
They perform the vital act of wicking sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable in summer and protecting you from the cold  in the winter!
Our Windstopper garments provide complete protection on windy days, while Gore selected fabric designs offer extra breathability while you ride.

Women’s Cycling Tights

The women’s cycling  tights we offer come in two types – leg length tights, and bib tights, which go over the shoulders and provide added stability while you ride. 
We have a range of full length, ¾ and knee length cuts which will provide extra ventilation, flexibility and comfort, based on your preferences.
A seat insert is provided with the vast majority of garments, which offers added comfort while you are on the saddle for lengthy amounts of time.

Women’s Cycling Shorts

We cater for a range of needs with our female cycling pants and shorts range – Ventilating and flexible designs offer full comfort while you ride all day long!
The loose cut fit of mountain bike shorts from ranges such as Fusion, Countdown and Alp-X, provide freedom of movement which is vital for the versatile nature of the activity.
Certain shorts and pants have a seat insert which has been added for extra comfort on longer rides.

Women’s Cycling Gloves

Our range of women’s cycling gloves at TG Store offer a great choice of Gore Bike Wear products which will guarantee comfort, performance and breathability while you cycle.
Road cycling gloves from ranges such as Power, Contest and Oxygen offer a comforting grip, with different products being suited to various seasons of the year.
Female mountain bike gloves come from ranges such as Fusion and Alp-X, with extra grip which allows you to focus on the path ahead.

Women’s Cycling Overshoes

The Gore Bike Wear Overshoes we offer come in three different fabrics; Selected Gore, Gore-Tex and WindStopper. 
The Road Cycling Overshoes we offer are perfect for the everyday female cyclist, particularly the commuter.
Gore-Tex products will offer you complete protection from the rain, while WindStopper will shield your feet from chilly winds – Breathability is maintained throughout our overshoe range!

Women’s Cycling Accessories

Cycling Accessories can enhance your performance  by making you feel  more comfortable and protected. That’s why we offer such a wide range:
Leg and arm warmers are important as they offer extra protection from the elements to parts of the body which can often be left open to the wrath of bad weather.
Kidney warmers can be used through out the year as an extra layer of warmth and comfort while you ride.