Gore Bike Wear Overshoes

Women's Cycling Overshoes

The Gore Bike Wear Overshoes we offer come in 3 different fabrics; Gore selected, WindStopper and Gore-Tex. With these fabrics coupled with various designs, we hope that you can find the appropriate pair of overshoes to suit your performance.
Gore-Tex overshoes are ideal for rides on rainy days where conditions are poor and staying dry is a must. These overshoes are perfect for the everyday female cyclist, particularly the commuter. WindStopper overshoes act as shields to your feet while you ride, allowing you to stay focused in chilly breezes and blustering winds. Overshoes made from selected Gore fabrics maintain breathability for your feet, while keeping them insulated and comfortable.
A filter is in place when you select your product, which allows you to narrow down your choices to the items most relevant to you. You can select materials, activities and brands at your leisure.
Picking the right overshoe is important so hopefully you will take the chance to contact us should you have any questions about products – Our knowledgeable customer support team will be able to provide you with the advice and guidance needed.