Women's Running

We are happy to offer you both Trail and Urban running clothes from a host of premium brands which include Gore Running Wear, Haglofs, Marmot, Berghaus and The North Face. Whatever your needs and preferences, there is something for you!

Women’s Running Jackets

Whether you are an urban or a trail runner, there is a great selection of women’s running jackets for you to choose from. 
All the women’s running jackets we offer provide high breathability, making them important assets to your outfit. Stylish feminine designs are available for the more fashion conscious female runner.
As well as Gore Running Wear, we also have female running jackets from other premium brands; Browse through Marmot, Berghaus, Haglofs and North Face female garments which have all been taken from their respective performance running lines.
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Women’s Running Shirts

A range of female shirt styles and designs enable you to pick and choose garments for various times of the year.
You have great choice all year round with different garments providing maximum ventilation on hot days and much needed warmth in the Winter.
Feminine designs and cuts are available for the more style conscious female runner. The Sunlight Range from Gore Running Wear is specifically designed to leave you looking fashionable while you run!
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Women’s Running Vests

With a large variety of designs and styles to choose from, we hope you can find a garment that suits you.
Made from Selected Gore fabrics, the vast majority of the vests we offer have the aim of providing ventilation for you while you run.
WindStopper running vests are also on available and will offer you full protection from harsh weather conditions. You can perform in absolute confidence with Gore Running Wear Apparel!
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Women’s Running Shorts

We have a wide variety of women’s urban running and trail running shorts that will provide versatility, comfort and ventilation during your activity.
Urban running shorts are spacious and provide lots of ventilation for you on hot days, allowing you to stay comfortable and maintain concentration.
Trail running shorts are constructed to give you optimum freedom of movement, therefore not limiting your performance in any way.
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Women’s Running Tights

Here at TG Store we provide a variety of female running tights to suit a range of preferences and desires.
Women’s Gore Running Wear tights are available in three different lengths – Knee, 3/4 and full length, each of which will be relative to a runner’s specific needs.
WindStopper running tights offer breathability and 100% protection from blustering conditions, while thermal designs will keep you warm during Autumn and Winter months.
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Women’s Running Baselayers

Running base layers can form a vital part of any running outfit, offering added warmth in the Winter and extra comfort in the Summer. A carefully selected group of garments is shown below, guaranteeing quality, high levels of performance and comfortable feminine cuts.
The Essential Range from Gore Running Wear specialising in women’s base layers and provides a range of lightweight and ventilating products for the Spring and Summer months. WindStopper fabrics give you much needed protection for when the elements turn sour, while innovative designs maintain comfort and breathability while you run.
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Women’s Running Head

We provide a full range of female running headwear  which caters for activities all year round. Browse our selection of products below for hats, beanies, headbands, hoods and bandanas.
For Spring and Summer months when temperatures are high and the sun is out, it’s important that you keep your head cool and ventilated, providing vital protection from the heat. A selection of headbands and bandanas help to wick sweat away from affected areas, creating a comfortable feeling while you run. Caps provide protection from the suns glare and plenty of much needed ventilation for a hot day.
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Women’s Running Accessories

Our women’s Running Accessories range includes a variety of useful products to aid you with your performance. Choose from a selection of arm warmers, shoe gaiters and visibility vests.
The Gore Running Wear Arm Warmers we offer help to maintain circulation and maintain heat on days when the temperature may be lower than normal. Soft Shell and selected Gore Fabrics maintain breathability meaning you won’t get sweaty or uncomfortable.
Shoe gaiters help to protect your feet from any hazards which may be present while you run. We offer a WindStopper product for trail runners, with integrated straps for added stability and comfort.
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