Berghaus Vapour Claw Shoes

Women's Running Shoes

Berghaus are our chosen running shoe provider – The women’s shoes below are taken from the Vapour Range which is driven towards the trail runner and offers great versatility and robustness. 
Gore-Tex shoes will provide complete protection from the elements in poor conditions, ensuring that your feet are kept dry on rainy runs. The shoes have been vigorously tested on the formidable Dragon’s Back Race, standing the test and proving to be a tough design to fault.
All the shoes we stock with Berghaus have EHS design technology, meaning they will hug your heel and prevent slippage – you will never need to worry about your feet blistering while you sport these trail running shoes.
If you have any questions about the design features of these shoes, we have a customer support team with an intimate understanding of all our running products who will be happy to assist you.