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Women's Running Socks

Whether you are a trail or an urban runner, here at TG Store we have a large variety of quality running socks for you to choose from.
Gore Running Wear offer contemporary and innovative designs for female urban runners. Products from ranges such as Air, Magnitude and Mythos provide comfort and breathability for runs all year round. The selected Gore fabrics used to construct the running socks are ventilating, meaning your feet don’t get sweaty on hot days.
Female trail runners can choose from a range of X-Running and X-Running Ultra socks that are made with extra protection to help absorb the pressure exerted on the feet during intense runs.
We have a team of experienced testers who will be happy to aid you with your product selection should you have any queries – After all, running is what we do!

Socks:  Spring/Summer

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Gore Running Wear


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Cooling and Venting Running socks designed not to move inside the shoes, with couchoned and reinforced areas where protection is needed, and extra venting where this is needed.
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Gore Running Wear


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Running socks from GORE are cut specifically for women runners that have little extra padding, with anti friction wicking fabric.