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Women's Triathlon Wetsuits and Trisuits

We have a range of performance standard women’s Triathlon wetsuits from Aqua Sphere. The range of wetsuits caters for different levels of performance – so whether  you are a pro or a beginner, there is a product for you!
There are a range of patented designs and features which have been produced to enhance performance; Bio-Stretch Zones increase the range of movement which is available to you, while Super Stretch Yamamoto material increases flexibility. Available with certain suits are Core Thermo-Guard’s which retain body heat when temperatures drop.
All of the female wetsuits we have provide 100% protection from UV Rays and have quick drying fabrics which allow you to make a comfortable transition from water to land. Feminine colours are offered so you can maintain style while you swim.
Our TG Store customer care team have a great knowledge of all the Aqua Sphere products on our site; Should you ever need any advice or extra information regarding any garments then don’t hesitate to contact us!

Women's Swimming Wetsuits