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5 Tips To Improve Your Triathlon Swim Exit

The transition stage of a triathlon can be the difference between winning and losing a close race. Your swim exit can help you gain valuable seconds and even minutes, but it can just as easily lose you them. Below are 5 ways you can maximise your exit from the water and gain a valuable advantage over your opponents:

Phase 1 

If possible, study the swim course before you race and identify scenic features that are in line with the finish -Try and look for landmarks such as large tree’s or buildings. As you swim toward the finish, you will be able to direct yourself to the landmarks that you recognise.

Phase 2

Pick up the Speed and begin to kick a bit harder as you approach the final 250 meters of the swim phase. Keep swimming as you come to the end of the swim and don’t stand up or stop until you have hit the ground in the shallow water. As your fingers come into contact with the floor, take a couple more strokes by dragging right under your stomach.

Phase 3

As you stand up and raise your goggles up onto your forehead. This procedure will help to clear your vision as you begin to get up and run out of the water.

Phase 4

Wait until your are on solid ground before you start to unzip your wetsuit. You have enough to compete with in the form of rocks and sand without having to worry about undressing. Unzip once you reach pavement or carpeted ground!

Phase 5

The abandonment of apparel can lead to a penalty, so make sure you are careful when taking off small items such as your goggles and cap. Minimise this risk by only taking them off when your bike is in view.

Written by Rory Owen from TG Store

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