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5 Top Running Tips to Keep You Safe this Winter

The evenings turn dark early, the temperature drops and the conditions worsen. It would be easy to stop running outdoors and jump on a treadmill at the local gym during the Winter months. However, with the right preparation, running in cold conditions can be a great thing to do…It’s time to start preparing for Winter! Check out these five simple tips to help reduce your chances of injury, increase your safety and stay comfortable as you run in the following months:

Run with a Mate

As the nights draw in and conditions start to deteriorate, it is well worth running with a buddy. Running with someone else means that you have someone there for you if the worse were to happen and you picked up an injury or had an accident. Two or more of you means drivers and other pedestrians will be able to spot you more easily; You will be a lot safer than if you were on your own, especially in poorly lit areas!

Kit Up

While it’s important to layer up in cold conditions, it can become easy to wear an excessive amount of running wear; It’s always important to bear in mind that your body temperature will increase as you run. Choose a venting base layer and add a mid layer which offers warmth and protection. A protective Gore Running Wear jacket is ideal as an outer layer, as this can be packed away should you become to warm. Ensure all of your garments are breathable as this will help you maintain a good level of comfort during high exertion activities. Protective gloves and hats are also important as they keep vital and vulnerable parts of your body warm in chilly conditions…Again, ensure that the garments are venting.

Running Stride

Reduce the length of your running stride and run with your feet closer to the ground than you would normally. As well as an increased efficiency, you will also lower the risk of a slip or a fall in icy conditions.

Run on Snow

This point will generally apply to trail runners, but its worth baring in mind if you are running through snow caked parks as well; If you have the choice, try and opt to run on freshly fallen snow as oppose to ice or packed down snow. You’ll achieve a better traction on fresh snow and lower your chance of a slip or fall.

Stay Seen

Always remember to wear a reflective vest when you run in the dark. Wear vibrant colours in snowy and poor visibility conditions. If you don’t want to sport a hi-vis top, then at least wear some reflective or neon accessories! It’s also a good idea to carry some form of identification, just in case anything bad happens to you.

Written by Rory Owen from TG Store

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