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5 Vitamins You Should Be Consuming

A lack of good quality minerals and vitamins can leave you falling short of your top performance levels. Sometimes overlooked by athletes as part of a comprehensive diet plan, they are a great way of naturally fueling your workouts. Aim to get your daily recommended amount of as many of these vitamins and minerals as you can:


Iron provides your muscles with red blood cells and oxygen. Without these, your muscles will fatigue and become tired a lot more quickly.

Found in these foods: Beef, tuna, potatoes and dark green leaves


Potassium is vital for the process that converts blood sugar into glycogen. This is then used to stay hydrated and power up your body.

Found in these foods: Dark green leaves, potatoes, dates, almonds, tomatoes and papaya

Vitamin C

Most commonly regarded as an anti-cold vitamin, Vitamin C also helps to absorb iron and fight off any nausea caused from the consumption of iron supplements.

Found in these foods: Broccoli, oranges, strawberries, dark green leaves and cauliflower


Calcium helps your muscles contract when you exercise and also also aids in the rebuilding of muscles after training.

Found in these foods: Sesame seeds, cheese, dairy products, green leafy vegetables,  almonds and tofu

B6, B12

Both of these B vitamins help to provide energy for the body, each with a different job which helps provide you with a “natural boost”. Some studies have also shown that these vitamins can improve your mood just as much as prescription drugs.

Found in these foods: Vitamin B6: tuna, salmon, potatoes, avocados, oats, bananas and beans. Vitamin B12: eggs, yogurt, tuna, beef and salmon

Written by Rory Owen from TG Store

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