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5 ways you can add variety to your running routine

As much as we all enjoy running, carrying out a workout routine can sometimes become very monotonous. Running is obviously a very repetitive motion to carry out, but by mixing things up you’re able to give your body some extra diversity on a weekly basis. It’s important to do this as some of the smaller muscles you have will become weak and any imbalances will increase the chances of injury. Try and ensure that some of your workouts are on softer ground, as less harsh surfaces will help to reduce your footfall impact and therefore lower your chances of picking up a long term injury.


There are lots of ways to mix heavy and light days into a weekly cycle. If you are used to a certain routine pattern, change it up for a 4 week period at the start of next month. Adding in a short morning run on your tough workout days is a great way to increase your running mileage! Not only will you increase your running distance but you will also get used to performing better on fatigued legs.

Trail Running

Trail running is probably as extreme as running will get; You have to be wary of where your feet and ankles are landing with every step and take in the varying and challenging terrain around you. Running on trails will help increase versatility, balance and will also help to mix up your workouts.

Hill Training

Hill training helps to build stamina as well as leg strength and power. It usually involves running repeats up a certain hill and coming back down again or continuously running over hilly landscape. The gradient and length of the climb, coupled with the total workout time will decide the intensity of every run.

Interval Training 

Interval training is a great way to improve anaerobic fitness, burn fat and build up strength. By integrating short recovery phases with intense periods of work, intervals enable you to uphold a high workout intensity while still maintaining your top form! If you are looking to burn fat quickly, then it’s a good idea to train early in the morning within half and hour of getting up….on an empty stomach! It has been proven that this will help to boost your metabolism and elevate it for up to 24 hours, therefore burning more calories as the day goes by.


It can be easy to ignore rest as part of your training programme. Rest should be as much as part of your weekly routine as running itself is – Obviously your body will become fit from the exercise you carry out….but it’s also important to remember the role that the recovery phase plays in your exercise; It has to adapt to the stress it has received during your workouts and rebuild any muscle tissues that may be damaged.

Written By Rory Owen from TG Store

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