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ESSENTIAL Light Gloves


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Unisex compact running gloves, that provide protection from GORE RUNNING WEAR.

Glove Benefits:

  • Specially selected fabrics offer comfort during your run
  • A venting design allows hands to breath

Running Gloves from TGSTORE

We provide a huge range of running gloves, that include waterproof, windproof or selected fabrics, that cover a price, style and features that all runners require. Our extensive range include running clothing for the occasional jogger, half marathon / marathon enthusiast and up to the more ambitious and performance ultra runners. Whether its the hot summer or the cold winter our premium products are perfect and at a great price.

The Essential Range from GORE RUNNING WEAR

It is one of the industries best known brands in performance running products, its famous fabrics that include GORE-TEX and WINDSTOPPER set them apart.The highly technical and functional design has made GORE our brand of choice, the products are designed specifically for each type of runner, winning many industry awards. The Essential range of core products, for the regular fitness runner, many of the essential running garments are lightweight and have a comfortable fit that is ideal for a range of activities.

Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 based on 1 customer reviews

 5 out of 5

"Excellent Product"

I have used this pair of Essential Light gloves throughout the Midwest winter and into the spring. Even though it is thinner and less insulated than other heftier winter gloves, it works great for running in temperatures down to 20 degrees. I warm up quickly when I set out on my run, so I know after 10-15 minutes, my hands will start to sweat. These gloves work for me because it keeps the excesssive sweating to a minimum, and also allows for extensive dexterity, meaning no need to pull the gloves off to open a gel pack or lace your shoes. I can also wear these on chilly spring mornings, knowing that if it does warm up, I can take them off and put them in a pocket or tucked into my waistband, and not even know they are there. Highly recommend.

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