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The Sunlight Lady Range from Gore Running Wear

For the fashion conscious female runner!

The Sunlight Lady Range from Gore Running Wear

For the fashion conscious, fitness orientated and recreational weekend female runner.
The Sunlight women’s range is constructed around the weekend runner, with high-tec, comfort fabrics. The running products have a loose and comfortable fit with a sporty design. The Winter offers breathable and protective wear, allowing you to concentrate fully while you run. Whereas the Summer includes Singlets, vests and tights which allow you to add a touch of colour to your running outfit. Fashionable women can run in style with the Sunlight Range!
Key Features:
– Feminine cuts, coordinated colours and stylish designs
– Breathable and comfortable constructions
– Protective fabrics for poor weather conditions

The Sunlight 3.0 GT AS Lady Jacket and SO Lady Slim Pants

Gore Running Wear Sunlight Jacket

Slim fit running shorts for the fashionable female

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Sunlight In Action

Sunlight Video - Spice it Up!

The Sunlight 3.0 GT AS Lady Jacket

Fashionable waterproof running jacket from the Sunlight Range.
Complete breathability is offered by Gore-Tex Active fabrics which also provide lightweight water protection and freedom of movement as you run this Autumn and Winter!
Remember – You are always protected by the TG Store Promise:
The TGSTORE Promise makes us different from all retailers in the world, as we can provide free GORE-TEX fabric repairs for your GORE RUNNING WEAR Jacket. The promise gives you peace of mind that combined with the manufacturers warranty you can be sure your running clothing is protected. We ensure all the repairs keeps the integrity and shape of the garment, all GORE-TEX fabrics are covered please see our terms and conditions for more details.

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